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February 23, 2011 – by techy


sad news comes from H-Online and the telling how the Linux migration project of the German Foreign Ministry has left to pick up the ante by Windows.

The news has already been discussed a week ago on this website, in which we told the story of this initiative. In 2007, the migration to Linux from German computers in this body was regarded as a great news for the Linux and Open Source, but this migration has not been produced in full. Now, with a view to “a process of modernization “, is dedicated to the German Foreign Ministry forget the Open Source solutions to go to “ solutions and standardized business customers “.

The thing is material, because they will re-install Windows XP on computers that “ at some point may be upgraded to Windows 7, Office 2010 and Outlook .” All those who advocate free software know that this is anything but a “modernization” , but still tried to explain his reasons, indicating a lower cost by issues such as learning curve Open Source solutions.

If you you read the original lengthy article concludes that as you can see it, there is no reason apparently coherent to take this step back and let Linux in favor of the alternative that just want to forget.

A 2009 study conducted after the migration, which was partial, because many teams were held dual configurations Windows/Linux- said “ problems had arisen in areas such as interoperability , especially in the sharing of documents and the low acceptance staff .

now filtered data in several sites in Germany and published by H-Online make clear that this body has no compelling reasons to reverse . It says for example that the change back to proprietary systems like Windows “ not impose an increase of indirect costs on the contrary, the introduction of standard software products and the use of software solutions that already exist at the federal level should produce efficiency improvements . ” But do not give specifics, something that is causing anger-much, and rightly Open Source community.

A real shame. Please moderation of comments . I know it’s an issue that gives rise to controversy.

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